In 2010 I undertook a project in Glenrothes, Fife, the centre-piece being an exhibition of my new paintings in the town art Gallery.

In the 3 months prior to the exhibition, I occupied and worked in a shop-unit in the shopping mall, making paintings for this show. The 'Studio' was open to passers-by, to visit, discuss and talk about the work or Glenrothes etc. This was a huge success, the theme of the work being Glenrothes, the town, the shops, the people, housing and its identity as a new town in Scotland. In this work I aimed to create an honest, critical, visual response to contemporary life there. The paintings evolved in collaboration with discussions and response from the public. How people live, memories, hopes, local issues, culture - basically a portrait of the town. I also held weekly drawing classes, I held tutorials with local artists and with school pupils seeking advice on Folio presentation, I did tutorials with local artists and I even involved local people to help work on some of the paintings. I also had regular meetings with the local press.

The resulting exhibition was received enthusiastically and it was widely agreed, presented a true visual souvenir of modern life in a modern town, something uplifting and something the people of Glenrothes identified with.










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