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During the summer, while in Germany, at the opening of my exhibition "On The Outskirts", I had the idea of making a large painted portrait of a beautiful woman I met. She looked like a spy, like a famous movie-star of the 60's or 70's (mid 60's precisely) straight out of a Cold-War movie, or an early Bond film, so, I asked her if she would let me make a painting of her, in that style i.e. glamorous, seductive, independent and full of intrigue. Having seen my work, she gladly accepted.

This idea was also, obviously inspired by the nature and character of the city. Being in Düsseldorf, with its particular architecture, atmosphere and light, one can easily believe that this is a mid 60's spy-movie film-set. I then decided, therefore, to make an identically sized painting of the iconic Düsseldorf landmark 'The Vodafone Tower' which, with its glowing red neon sign ominously dominating the city sky-line, would make a perfect companion to the portrait, i.e. they would look and work well together.Also, I wanted to record a movie-soundtrack to accompany this project, again attempting to evoke the atmosphere of the city, through references to 60's film music e.g. John Barry, Henry Mancini etc.

This idea was formed in Düsseldorf, inspired by Düsseldorf, so its only logical this work should be carried out in Düsseldorf. I have found a suitable studio space to make the paintings and record the music, and I shall be there for 6 weeks, starting November 1st. Because this is no ordinary residency, and because of the nature of the work, and for other valid reasons, I decided it's best to travel undercover, in secret. Hence the title of this mission 'Düsseldorf -"Undercover".

Les Alpes 2012




Sicilian Bed



Girls Night IN, Girls Night OUT 1



Big-Mac Meal Deal


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